March 1, 2018

In two days, my dad gets remarried. This is the last thing I thought would be happening in my eighth grade year.
I never liked the thought of my dad getting together with someone else. Of course, my sixth grade self had to learn to get over that quickly, and get used to seeing Megan and her kids Julian and Lily. Fast forward, two years, and now I'm living with them. Thank God, that I had all this to go through with, with my siblings Andrew and Hazel. (they are twins)

So, fast forward to now. On Saturday, March 3, my father gets remarried. I know it's going to be tough day. I think the realization will hit me like a brick too the face. In fact it may hit me when they say "you may kiss the bride" and I may start bawling right there on the spot. I know I may sound a bit dramatic but a) I'm pretty sure all teenage girls are some what dramatic, and b) I think if you've gone through starting a new family with new people you may not even like that much, you'll understand what I'm saying (or typing) in this blog. Yes, some of this writing will be hard to understand and probably completely out of order but I'll try my best, because honestly keeping up with a blog is the least of my worries. Wow. Sorry that was really petty. I apologize, sometimes I word vomit.
Where was I? (again; I am probably very unorganized in this article, because I literally have the attention span of an ant)
Oh yes... I was complaining about how much I'm going to hate wedding day. So yes, wedding day is going to feel like a punch to the gut, but I'm really just going to have to tough it out. I need to be there for my younger brother and sister, because they will be with them a lot longer than me.
This blog is probably going to be a lot shorter than other blogs I upload, but its 9:09, and I still need to shower and study for a science comprehension check.
Thank you for reading this ridiculously strange blog of a teenager's "life".