Hey there, beautiful people! Today I wanted to show you some tips to make your style more aesthetically retro, hope you like it!

1. Use Checkered clothes.

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I love checkered clothes, most of checkered trousers are so beautiful and easy to match with almost anything, give it a try.

2. Denim: Moms Jeans.

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They fit so well in every kind of body and they are so comfortable, plus they are so edgy.

3. Use mustard yellow clothes.

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It's such a beautiful color and easy to match with blue jeans or checkered trousers, mustard yellow sweaters are cute too.

4. Grunge Sunglasses.

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These tree kind of sunglasses (grunge and round) will make your style a 50% more retro, and they also are a nice way to change the way you look. You'll look more bad-ass ;)

5. Leather Retro Boots!

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Is there anything more retro than these boots? They are so beautiful and fashionable, every time I wear a pair of these I feel like I'm inside of the musical video of These Boots Are Made For Walkin'

6. Polka Dots.

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But not so much! They are beautiful but sometime it's just too much.

7. Striped Socks.

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Aren't this the cutest? They match so well with sneackers or roller skaters. Rainbow socks are my favorite ones.


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So that's it beautiful people, thank you so much for reading this.

Have an amazing day... 💘