I am 25% Asian. To me, this is more confusing than just being half and half. I know people who are half and half find it hard to figure out which side they feel they belong to, but I am just as confused. Maybe even more.

I am mostly white. My dad is white and my mom is half Japanese. I show some characteristics of my asianness such as my dark hair and facial bone structure, but most people cannot place what my ethnicity is. People as me if I am Latina or Italian all the time. Once I tell them I am Asian they say, "Oh I see it now!". It is just a weird feeling.

I am mostly white, yet I have this Asian side to me that is important and I feel very connected to it. I have experienced people who are half being kind of offended when I say anything about being a minority. I get it, I do not look as ethnic as most, but I still feel like I cannot deny this part of my ethnicity.

I am probably not as in touch with my Japanese side as most, but there have definitely been some differences between me and my friends while growing up. I went to a small Catholic school. I was considered a minority there because I was the only person who wasn't 100% white. I would always get the questions that were supposed to be answered by a minority. Also, Asian food and mannerisms were very present in my home. I don't know anyone else who made sure to bring a rice cooker with them to college. And my mother always made sure I was respectful towards elders (she made sure of this to a crazy extent).

So I guess my dilemma is- Do I need to reconsider coming off as "YES I AM ASIAN AND PROUD"? Does this offend people who are 50/50?

I would love to know your opinion on this!