This article will be a little different from my usual makeup compilation posts. In this post I'll be talking about something very important to me. Ever since I was little I've enjoyed everything about art and it has been a part of my whole life. I remember when I saw my first makeup tutorial on YouTube. This was a whole new kind of art to me. It was a video by JuicyStar07. She was one of the OG queens of makeup tutorials on Youtube.
Before I knew it I was addicted to makeup tutorials, reviews, and first impressions. I found myself subscribing to all of the big names like Casey Holmes, Patrick Starr, Carli Bybel, and many more. Along with my growing subscription box my makeup skills started to grow as well. I began posting looks on my Instagram and here on WHI after graduating high school. I waited for fear of being bullied for something that was relatively new at the time.

Well now that I have some more time to do what I want I'd like to move on to making actual videos for YouTube. The only thing holding me back now is how to get started. If you'd be interested in helping a girl out please go give a look at this quick survey I made using Google Forms. Please be as honest as you can as it will be super helpful for me! Thank you in advance, Hearters!


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