When I was going through a hard time with my mental health and didn't see the point in life anymore I made a list of all the things (no matter how small) that make happy. Now that I'm in a better place I thought I'd share some things that bring me joy.

chocolate, cookie dough, and food image cat, cute, and paws image bed, bedroom, and blanket image autumn, clothes, and quality image
cookie dough, toe beans, fresh sheets, sweater paws
fashion, girl, and style image winter, snow, and christmas image coffee, girl, and hair image aesthetic, makeup, and pretty image
oversized sweaters, hot cocoa, genuine laughing, sun on your face
college, mustang, and photo image bands, nirvana, and nothing image girl, aesthetic, and hair image galaxy, stars, and night image
road trips, good music, warm showers, stargazing

Hope you enjoyed:)