So here is what has been on my mind the last couple of days...

I can't talk for everyone, but now a days is so easy to find rude, stressed, mad people everywhere that when I run into a really kind person I keep them in my mind for a long time and they totally light up my day, and they make me want to imitate their actions.

I wonder if I've ever been that person to someone else

be nice image

But that has also made me think...

Sometimes people don't mean to be bad mannered or unrespectful, they are only too shy or serious and others take it bad (I'm usually this kind of person, the serious one I mean), but as I said, when I see someone else being nice, my armour melts and I try to have a smile for everybody I find from then on.

And maybe, I'm not the only one who feel this.

flowers, pink, and heart image

So, I want to invite everyone reading this to be that spark in someone else's day, I invite you to have a smile for everyone you have to treat and that way, they might find inspiration to pass the good vibes to someone else too.

being, life, and kind image
Maybe that chain will reach to you again the day you most need it.

Let's spread kindness!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, have a beatiful day :)