A day like today being March 1 but 1994 in St. Joseph's Hospital in London, Canada Pattie gave birth to the best idol that I could have in life, despite having highs and lows as everyone knows how to get ahead and struggle to be a better person every day. Nobody would have ever imagined that the child who sang on the stairs of a theater in his city with only the hope of helping his mother would become one of the best stars of music in recent times, despite having had One of the worst times in his life he knew how to get ahead with the help of his family, friends and god. Justin is not only a great singer but also a great son, brother, friend, companion and confidant, and if you can tell me crazy for talking so well about someone I do not even know but that's something I've proven over the years and no, I do not say that I've been more than 7 years like many but despite being 3-4 years old I have been able to create a great bond and I know that it will be unbeatable, just in addition to making me direct to another dimension with its music to fight for my dreams and to know that although there are bad times everything will be solved and we will find our full happiness. Although many people around me talk a lot of shit about him and they insist on telling me that I will never know him (silly in reality) just by listening to his music my hope increases and I know that one day I will see them in my face and tell them: I did it, I met Justin Bieber.
It is not necessary to have a specific day to celebrate the joy of being alive, but today is special is your birthday, today you turn 24 years representing a new stage in your life, today you celebrate life together (both in physical and in heart) with all the people who love you.
today is your day and that's why I wish you a happy birthday Justin Drew Bieber Mallette, i love you
from a fan to my boy the honey eyes