Everyone has some kind of religion or or philosophy. Some people believe in prophets, or one god, many gods, or no god. I decided to post an article describing my theory on how the universe got started. Please note that I AM NOT CLAIMING TO KNOW ANYTHING FOR SURE. These are my personal feelings and theories, everyone is more then welcome to respectfully disagree with me.

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In The Beginning

There is a form of energy that has always existed and always well. From this energy, grew the different big bangs and cosmic events which created the galaxies, and probably other dimensions that are around today. It is scientifically asserted that there are billions of planets out there. I believe that at some point aliens in at least one of these universes grew smart enough to travel the galaxy. This ancient species of aliens had a desire to create life, so when they saw a planet that looked great for sustaining sophisticated life forms (earth) and they sewed the seeds of life on the planet. Eventually one form of life grew or evolved to be intelligent enough to rule the planet. The aliens called him Adam or some ancient equivalent, they chose him and his wife Eve to kick start the human species. However, Adam and Eve disappointed the aliens with their rebellious spirits. They kick started centuries of the aliens trying and failing to help humanity. These interventions resulted in the ancient myths.

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Religious Figures

The aliens did eventually cease all intervention, allowing themselves to become mere rumors and myths. It is believed that it is crucial for a planet and species to develop without intervention. However, certain souls and aliens have visited independently to try to speed up the planet's progress. (Like Jesus, Joseph Smith and Muhammad.) They have even had relations with humans and created blood lines, this is why there are people out there with "supernatural" talents.

When people pray, they are praying to specific aliens who usually want what is best for humanity. They may sometimes do what they can to improve things, this is the reason for miracles.

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The After Life

Every living thing has a soul in it. When that thing dies, the soul has three options. Progress to a better life (either a more intelligent form or even a better planet, or dimension. possibly a heaven like utopia.) Progress to a worse life (either a less intelligent form like a tree or a worse existence, even a dystopian planet similar to hell.) OR this soul simply ceases to exist.

Determining where a soul goes is a very complicated process relating to the amount and types of energy they put it into the universe. Good people aren't necessarily born into amazing lives and poor people are definitely not being punished for a past life. It really depends on that soul's fate or path in existence. But souls that love each other can for sure stay together in their next life.

To Sum Up

I personally do not believe any one religion is "right" or "wrong". I think it is our mission to make life the best it can be, for ourselves and other souls as well.

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What do you believe about fate, existence, gods and the after life? Let us know!

Again no hate PLEASE this is my own personal belief system. Spread peace and love, not intolerance!