Hey guys. I'm going to write an article on self care and i know a lot of people do this but i didnt know anything else to write. If you'd like to read something in specific, message me.
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1. Drink more water

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I know you've already heard this from everyone but it's so important to drink water, you will feel much better.

2. Skin care

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After you treat your skin you're going to feel so fresh, believe me.

3. Do something you love

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Do what you love, whether is to cook, draw, dance or write.

4. Eat your favourite food

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5. Sleep

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Try to sleep 8 hours per night at least, not everyone is the same so some of us might need more and others less.

6. Turn off your mobile

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Whenever i'm not on my phone i feel so much more productive and good with myself.

I hope you liked it, xoxo