So my last article was about how I found that I can see myself living my future with my boyfriend.

Now recently he told me that he's finally going to enlist for the National Guard on Monday. I am so proud of him and then he told me that basic training was going to last for 4 months and 2 weeks.

I'm shocked and about to cry but since this is the thing he's been wanting to do for a long time. Basically, since we started senior year of high school since he turned 18 in November that year. I sucked it up, all my feelings and thoughts, and told him I was proud and glad he was doing what he wanted to do.

But then he was like "Oh I'm signing a 6-year contract but its actually an 8-year contract and I'm mad cause I've been growing out my hair and I can't grow out my hair till I'm 26." I laughed because he has been growing his hair for the last year and now he's sad cause he has to get it cut before training starts.

Then I tell him that he looks cute with short hair. When we first met, it was freshman year of high school. We had the same English class and he was/is the class clown and I was the quiet smart girl. I was "dating" a guy and we broke up around February/March. I think after that time I was moved to the side of the classroom where he was sitting. Instantly, I thought he was annoying and interruptive to the class. As a class, we had started to read The Odyssey and me; the competitive smart girl; I competed against two other boys in the class on who was the smartest.

But around that time we started to work together more with a group of people that sat near us in class. The more we worked together the more I started to like him. He was also taking a Drama 1 class with my two friends at the time. The drama teacher is from my old middle school so I was able to be in her classroom more often at the end of the year. So with the encouragement of my two friends, I asked for his number and we started to talk. This was around April/May. Around that time we were reading the last book together as a class. It was Romeo and Juliet. I had read this about four or five times before so I was really excited to show off how much I knew about it to my teacher. But then my secondary goal was to be able to read Juliet and him read Romeo. Of course, my secondary goal wasn't reached but that was ok for me. It got us to talk more and get closer. Then the last week of school came and all teachers are like "Ok, well since there is no more class and I need to clean my classroom so either help me or do what you want. Just keep it quiet." So for most of that week, I went to help the Drama department clean up their storage room and classroom. I had volunteered to clean the storage room and he was there too. There was another person in there and had left for a little and we had our first kiss there. It was really cute and short and my first kiss in general. The last day of school we had another kiss and that's when he asked me out for the first time. Unsurprisingly, the relationship didn't last long and we broke up early in Sophomore year and I didn't talk to him again till Junior year. We messed around Junior year and then we dated again in Senior year. It was going pretty well till I did something stupid and I broke up with him. I found out after we broke up that he had been talking to other women while we were dating. I didn't start talking to him again till last November around the time I got my new phone. We went out for dinner and although I was nervous and my anxiety was through the roof we talked for a long time of what we were doing and everything. He had explained to me that he realized he was being self-destructive with everything good he had. I understood him and told him what it was like to date him during high school.

During freshman year I realized that it felt like I was dating two different people. With other, he acted completely different and then with me, he was his real self. Explaining that to him, he looked worried and honestly didn't know that he acted completely different around everyone else. He was still being really nice to me, to the point of him feeding me his fries and we talked until he had to go. After that, I thought I should just try to use him to just feel better and I was talking to someone else at the same time. When things went south with the other person I started talking to him romantically and since then we have started dating again.

Now I know what everyone is saying:
"How could you go back to him?"
"Why trust him after he did that to you?"

In all honesty, I didn't plan on dating him at all. But over time I found myself falling for him. For the real him that he was now able to be. Even if all my friends are against it and don't trust him. I know that overtime We will be able to overcome that but I won't be able to fully trust him for a while but he is slowly gaining it back.

All of this was basically an over-explanation of my relationship and history with my boyfriend and how I feel everything is going to change.

Recently I felt like he has been able to be more vulnerable with me and I'm happy about that. It seems like we have reached a new chapter of our relationship with him going off to training.

Hopefully this chapter treats us well.