Every girls and boys have their own insecurities. But when did it become such a big thing? Why are we always focusing on them?
Every girls and boys should be pround of themself. They are unique in their own way and every little insecurity should be a marks of beauty.
In this little article, you may find some tips that will make you feel good and not lost.

1. Find something you love.
When you practise something that you are passionate about, you will put less intention on the thing that border you. It can be a sport, read books, or even play with animal or with kids. Also, it can make you feel good. If you are having a bad day, it can make you feel better and make your day a little bit more joyful.

2. Find your own style.
You don't need to follow the fashion trend. Let's be clear, we don't give a damn about these trends. You just need to find clothes that you love and make you feel good in your skin. And let's be real, we love comfortable clothes that embrace your beauty.

3. Do a little break with social media.
We all know that social media is the beginning of insecurity. So why don't we make a little break on them. I stop using Facebook 1 year ago and I just use Instagram to follow my friends, and you don't know how much this decision change my life! It's just incredible how much media is affecting our life. If you do this, you will not regret it!

4. Go outside
Yeah, it maybe seems a little bit weird, but fresh air just make you feel so much better. Go on long walk, relax and take deep breathe. It will reset your mind and put the stress away. Trust me.

5. Just embrace your beauty.
Don't focus on your insecurity. Focus on the real you. You are a human. Every human is beautiful and unique in their own way. You are beautiful, flawless, amazing and bright. You just need to believe it, because it's true.

Hope you like this little article.
And don't forget, you are unique.
love ya♡