i hate you

i hate the way you make me feel
i hate the way you make me think about you

swearing to god that i would never cry about you ever again

you asked me to go to the dance you

i remember that day so clear
you walked towards me slowly looking right into my eyes

and ask "would you like to go to the dance with me?"

it felt like i was making it up
because it was so unreal

i replied with a simple "ok"

getting ready, excited
i did my hair, put lipgloss

you rang my door early with flowers in your hands
smiled when i opened the door

when we got there it was crazy to think
you chose me

but the reality was my night wasn't as magical as i wanted it to be
you flirted with other girls
danced with other girls
looked over at me occasionally
as i sat by myself

you didn't care
and i knew that

i would do anything for you

the flowers wilted