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— 1. Effy Stonem, Skins.
skin, Effy, and effy stonem image bathroom, dr martens, and emo image book, cigarette, and grunge image Lyrics, mine, and quote image
— 2. Maggie Greene, The Walking Dead.
the walking dead, twd, and Walker image Image by xzozeboo aesthetic and barn image sleep, survive, and wake up image
— 2. Rio, La Casa de Papel.
rio and la casa de papel image money, rich, and green image hair, girl, and grunge image red, gryffindor, and harry potter image
— 4. Lexa, The 100.
Image by Monserrat Gtz minimalist and quote image Mature image heart, secret, and art image
— 5. Steven Hyde, That 70's show.
led zeppelin, that 70s show, and hyde image ghetto, hipster, and indie image money, drugs, and weed image police, grunge, and Law image
— 6. Fallon Carrington, Dynasty.
nickelodeon, guapa, and hermosa image drink, food, and summer image paris, night, and light image theme, heels, and shoes image
— 7. Chanel Oberlin, Scream Queens.
book, emma roberts, and scream queens image shadow, Devil, and aesthetic image shoes, fashion, and pink image key and butterflie knife image
— 8. Max Black, 2 Broke Girls.
2 broke girls image aesthetic, quotes, and text image black, lipstick, and mac image aesthetic, alternative, and black image
— 9. Will Byers, Stranger Things.
stranger things, will byers, and noah schnapp image shoes, ombre, and vans image freak, quotes, and lana del rey image alternative, drawing, and stranger things image
— 10. Lucas Scott, One Tree Hill.
aesthetic, alternative, and boys image Basketball and sport image boy, alone, and skate image hayden, Mason, and screencap image

Honorable Mentions

— Jackie Burkhart, That 70's Show.
retro and 70s show image avon, vintage, and aesthetic image pink, car, and rainbow image nails, pink, and bath image
— Daniel Desario, Freaks and Geeks.
james franco, freaks and geeks, and 90s image smoke, car, and weed image artsy, band, and bands image hair, girl, and blonde image
— Peyton Sawyer, One Tree Hill.
one tree hill and peyton sawyer image music, quotes, and life image black, fashion, and jacket image one tree hill, quote, and love image
— Glenn Rhee, The Walking Dead.
icon, Voltron, and twd image Image by julide heart, quotes, and nice image love, couple, and hands image
— Nick Clark, Fear The Walking Dead.
serie, frank dillane, and fear the walking dead image Image by Julies quotes, grunge, and violent image future, grunge, and no future image