Hello, everyone. After writing a very sad article about the guy I was dating I wanna open this new month (my personal favorite) with positive vibes and taking away all the trash.

I'm gonna leave you the link of that personal article if you wanna check it out in case you are in the same situation and need a little motivation or if you just wanna feel bad for me :|

My birthday is in 9 days WOOHOO YEAH! So u r all very welcome to say hi or send a message or anything you like, I hope not hate :P

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So I'm gonna give a short list of reasons why I love this month and prob give you a little inspiration to you to enjoy it to the fullest. So here I go babies:

1. I just said it, but I'm gonna repeat it bc I'M SO FUCKING EXCITED! My bday is this month and even if I organize a big or small party I get super excited about this (as you may have notice)

2. My dad is coming to town for my birthday. Even when my dad is the biggest workaholic I've ever met he gives himself a little time for his family and he works far so I'm so excited about this coming.

3. I get my friends and family to celebrate me duh! I just hope everyone can make it to the party because it's really special to me that everyone can be there...and also be fun!

4. It's almost the end of this crappy hot summer of South America, even tho I love the beach and the sun out, it's burning me when I'm at work and it's not hot being sweaty. Trust me.

5. Concerts and Festivals! Oh yes! The Killers are coming to my country by 27th and I cannot be more excited about it. I was crazy for them when I was in high school so I'm pretty happy they are coming over. Katy Perry and Bebe Rexha are coming too, although I don't if I can make it because there's an Electro Festival by the 16th which I'm wanting to go but non of my friends are electro fans (you suck guys) and the one friend who I always go with is at her hometown in rehab because her crappy ex boyfriend is a piece of shit (sorry not sorry). In case I won't go to the Festival, here I go Katyyyyy!!!

4. I don't know if it's safe to put this online but I'm gonna be home alone for a month! I recently move into this nice apartment that I really like and I haven't really enjoyed my special time on it. I love myself time, I can think (overthink also), plan stuff and travels, I can do nothing! Watch Netflix and eating at bed which is pretty amazing tbh.

5. The Royals (tv show) is returning after Idk how much time away and i cannot be more happy!!!! If you are as much obsessed as me with the british culture, check this out! It's a mix of gossip girl with the Royal Family!! Lots of drama and hot guys omg watch it!

So...that's it as far as I remember! I hope this may entertained you and maybe hyped you up to make a little reunion or watch a show or just being alone with yourself. Enjoy every little thing you do always. I haven't really thank you for all the support so far so...THANK YOUUUUU!!!! I'll keep writing as long as there's someone reading.