i have no idea how to start this, so... hey?

now, i guess i should start with some background. it is march first, 2018, and i am seventeen years old. i'm sitting at my computer with a whole essay to write, but instead, i'm writing this letter to you. not that i don't want to. this is a horrible intro, so i'll keep going.

i wonder how and when we met. at school? at work? at starbucks (cliche, i know)? at church, even? how did you feel when you met me? did you think i was weird? did you think i was awkward? did you feel attracted to me right away? did i seem intriguing?

... do i already know you?

that thought is scary. well, for now at least. as of now i can't see myself marrying any boy that i know. but, one of the things i find beautiful about life is that you never know what could happen, or when. so, who knows? maybe you're reading this right now and the answer is yes.

who are you? what are your interests? passions? hobbies? what about you made me want to marry you? by the time you read this, if you do, i'll be able to answer that, of course. where are you from? do you have siblings? are you close with your family? what do you look like? what do you do, like, for a living? are you older? younger? the same age?

so many questions.

why did you marry me? what sparked your interest in me? how long did we date for? how did you know it was time to propose? how did you propose? did you ask my dad first? how was our wedding? do we have kids? a house? a cute little apartment? do we have any pets? what are they? what are their names? did we pick the names?

now, i know this sounds like a quiz. but of course, i'm just a curious teenager. sorry, babe? baby? honey? sweetie? what do i call you? what do you call me?

what do we like to do together? are we adventurous? party people? or the type of couple who prefers to stay home and watch movies? do we like lazy days? do you appreciate my interests? do we have careers? do we spend a lot of time together? hopefully we do, but are we that couple that barely ever sees each other and is too busy?

what do i look like now? is my hair still brown? my hands still small? if they are, i bet you've made fun of them. do you like the food i cook? am i lazy? am i still short? most likely yes. have it taught you spanish, if you didn't speak it already? most likely yes. do i still listen to the music i listen to now? am i still crazy over harry styles? have i met him yet?

i have so many more questions. but no matter the answer, i love you already. we're my goals.

i assume we're happy together. we can count on each other for anything and everything. we're best friends, soul mates, "ride or dies". i imagine our relationship being beautiful, of course not perfect, but you know what i mean. all i know is that i love you, and i can't wait to meet you, even if i already have.

this is probably sooo horribly written. i might write another one of these in a year or two, lol.

well, in conclusion, i love you. so much. and i'm assuming you love me, considering you um, married me? i hope you read this. i hope i don't forget about this. i hope you're cracking up right now. i hope you've been answering every question as you read. i hope you know that you're stuck with me. i'm never leaving. it is past rosa confirmed now.

okay, you're probably tired of reading, also i have an essay to write.also, i don't know how to end this...

stay handosme.

love, rosa.

(this is the part where you kiss me and laugh)

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thanks for reading, babes! love you mucho!