i wake up, make sure i look at least decent so that i feel confident enough to look at you and talk to you. i go to school, stare at you in class, you glance at me and i look away, the typical girl likes boy cliche. in our last class of the day you sit by me but i think it might be because you wanna sit next to our friend. but i don't want to believe that. i want to believe that you like talking to me. that you think we have things in common. that you wanna stare at the stars with me and listen to cheesy love songs and hold hands. that you think of me as much as i think of you. but the reality hits me that you don't, you think of "us" as just mutual friends. im sad that you're not going to the same school as me next year. other of my "friends" have told me that they like you, but they don't like you the same way that i do. they think you're just attractive. i mean don't get me wrong, i think that too, but i also just like you cause you're you. we have the exact same music taste and i think that's kinda cute. maybe you do too. but i go home, turn on my love songs playlist, and think of you. i usually think of your beautiful mind, your bubbly laugh, and your green eyes that i actually think could grow a garden.
sorry for this cheesy article.