What's up fellas? My name's Alex and I like pancakes.

Okay okay, so I finally decided to create this article in order for people in this lovely community to get to know me, just because I like making friends ;)


Superthumb Superthumb shawn Superthumb
hip hop/rap; edm; pop music


funny creed Superthumb Superthumb
action; adventure; comedy

Tv shows:

funny colin morgan criminal minds teen wolf Superthumb boy
this is the point where I realize I watch too many tv shows and can't fit them all in one article

Things I like:

funny animal Superthumb flowers
comedy; mountains; tigers; roses


Superthumb body Superthumb army
cars; sports; the army

Sooo, if you liked this article, and possibly even have the same interests as me, please DM me any time you want because like I said I like making friends and I would be glad to chat with new people.

Also, add me on Snapchat - alexgdarling, and we can chat there as well.

And I'm out! x