Hi i'm Stella; I saw this article by @Belle and thought it would be fun to do.

S- Scarlet

rose, red, and flowers image red, fashion, and dress image heart, scarlet, and red image aesthetic, beautiful, and paint image

T- Turquoise

background, blue, and feathers image flowers, green, and aesthetic image hair, girl, and blue image kiss, lips, and pink image

E- Electric blue

black, blue, and jellyfish image red, aesthetic, and light image sky, lightning, and nature image aesthetics, blue, and color image

L- Lavender

bunch, cozy, and decor image crystal, pink, and purple image flowers, purple, and violet image purple, door, and pink image

L- Lime

green, lime, and color image wallpaper, background, and dark image green, hair, and green hair image bath image

A- Amethyst

crystal, purple, and amethyst image background, design, and fashion+fashionable image stone, crystal, and purple image crystal, necklace, and purple image