She wasn't looking for a knight, she was looking for a sword -Atticus.

Hello Loves. So today I am starting the first day of the writing challenge.

•introduce yourself•
So here I am introducing myself

My name is Hassnae, and I have many nicknames such as; Belle, Bella, Nita, Yumi, Sayuri, but I personally go with Bella.

I am twenty-two years old (Twenty-Three by The end of August)

aerial view, maroc, and rabat image morocco trips image cities, islam, and people image morocco image
I am from the "Lovely" Morocco.
harry potter, ron weasley, and molly weasley image ginny weasley, harry potter, and ron weasley image
I have a big loving family, Like the Weaslys but Persy-Free. (thank Goodness) that I love so very much ❤
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I am a university student, English department.
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I am very passionate about reading and Helping people.

PS: I am going to post a small quote/poem in every Article during this challenge just because it is cool and I love it.

Thank you for reading ❤