1. Names - Radical Face

alternative nature
none of these faces look the same and not a one knows my name. oh, I am a long way from home

2. Non mi avete fatto niente - Ermal Meta, Fabrizio Moro

art islam
perché la nostra vita non è un punto di vista e non esiste bomba pacifista

3. What if - Coldplay

black blue
nothing wrong, nothing right

4. Beautiful birds - Passenger, Birdy

beach eye
you were orange and red like the sun when it sets, I was green as an apple's eye

5. This little light of mine - Will Samson, Message To Bears

forest beach

6. Equation - Camille, Hans Zimmer

autumn analog
un peu loin des yeux, plus tout près de toi

7. Passing light - Shoecraft

alternative clouds
is this the life you always wanted and do you want it now?

8. Everything is magical - Jeremy Messersmith

bed aesthetic
just give me a rainy day with nothing much to do, 'cause everything is magical whenever I'm with you

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