Hi everyone!! I am so so so happy to be writing this article today. I have been planning this I think the day that it was announced when J-Hope (Jung Hoseok)’s mixtape will release. Well, now it has!! I have been working on an article for tomorrow (or Saturday) this past week, but now I’ve heard all the songs on J-Hope’s solo mixtape and I will review it! I have never been this early or excited for the release of someone’s music, so as you can see I’m just rambling on. I’ll review all the songs, and try to keep the explanations short, but here I am, not promising anything. Okay, well then, let’s begin!!

Hope World (Album)

With the stage name, J-Hope, it’s quite clear there would be a lot of positive lyrics to the songs on the album. I am not Korean nor do I speak it fluently, so I had to put the songs through translation. However, it was not a problem, because I would do anything to understand his songs better, and to bring you guys a better perspective in case you don’t want to go and translate it. Anyways, sorry for rambling (I’ll do it a lot, so here it is beforehand). To continue, the lyrics are actually quite similar to the ones the band he is in, BTS, sings. I’m not a big fan of rap, I don’t really enjoy it too much because it’s too fast for me to understand lyrics, and it just doesn’t really sound nice to me (sorry), but J-Hope’s music was actually really good. I’m probably used to it already, considering the fact that I listen to him (and BTS) everyday, so maybe that’s it. If you like rap, or if you don’t, I recommend this album/mixtape because in some songs he is flashing through with words, and in others, it has a much slower touch to it, which is really lovely. That’s all for the general review, I’ll now go into the specific songs!

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Hope World

This is the first (title) track on his album, which is also called Hope World. The beat and background music was really amazing (like the other songs) and the lyrics are very positive. It reminds us to hold onto faith and just to live life by being happy! It’s not the fast-type of rapping, so if you don’t really love the whole concept of that, it’s not present in this song. The ending (not sure what the actual term is called - bridge maybe?) is slow and lets all the amazingness just sink in for a second. Also, let’s just talk about how he calls his world “Hope World” for just a hot minute please?? Like, I am not fangirling, but I’m just so happy for Hoseok and the positive impact he brought (to ARMYs or not).

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P.O.P (Piece Of Peace)

Okay, well let me start by saying I love the title of this song; I haven’t listened to it earlier today, but I knew I would be in love with it based on the title. Like, it’s so creative and catchy, ya know? Alright, well moving onto the actual music, I think one of the parts I love about his mixtape is that it’s not purely rap, there is some singing-ish stuff going on which really helps balance out everything, so I think that’s what’s really working for me right now. Again, this is another song that is filled with positivity, and it’s simply saying that’s J-Hope hopes to be a “piece of peace” hence the title. I think the lyrics are extraordinary, and the music really helps kinda ‘set the scene’ if you will. Although I love all his songs, this is definitely going to be one of my favorites!

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I am so excited to share this song. One, it already has a music video (released today, check it out if you haven’t yet) and it already has 4.6 million views. 4.6 MILLION VIEWS, my friend. Not only that, but the music video just slays, like BigHit and J-Hope always does. Also, the song itself is everything. It’s also another one of my favorites songs, haha. I especially love the part where it says “wishing on a scar”, like the beat and lyrics and his voice just work so well together??? It’s unreal, magic, really. Anyways, this song takes a look at how life should be lived with not as big of a care in the world. You’re young, live like it!! And if I’m could just go back to the music video, it’s kind of like a mix of Serendipity and DNA, but in J-Hope’s own way, you know? Lol, sorry if I’m describing this badly, but the colors are so bright and vibrant, but at the same time it’s really calming and such.

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Base Line

Ok, so to make this review completely honest, I’m going to have to say I was not a really big fan of this song... I’m not sure way, but because of this, I’m actually glad this was short (of course to those who like it, apologies that it’s short). I read the translated the lyrics, and I’m still not 100% sure what the meaning is, but in my perspective, I think it’s trying to remember his journey of working in the beginning, as it mentions how he danced for about 10 years and how he worked from the bottom up to where he is now; the top! I don’t really know what hit me to dislike this song (or at least not like it as much as others), maybe it’s the beat or something, I honestly do not know, but it just did not click for me. Of course, I still recommend this song for everyone, this is just my opinion.

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This song wasn’t a big hit for me either, but I did like it to a certain extent, so it wasn’t a complete miss. I liked the beat, and of course his voice. However, I read translation for the lyrics and also did not understand this song (this more than Base Line), but I do think it has something to do with his friends and how big they are growing, as it goes along about hanging with them for quite a bit. I do think this song is about BTS and how they are more of a family and that they actually are taking over the world, so maybe it’s that. I’m not positive on this, as message could get lost in translation, but this is my thinking. I also believe this song was a teensy bit repetitive, but it didn’t sound bad, so I’m not angry or anything haha. Oh and also, this song was a collaboration with Supreme Boi (who, fun fact, was supposed to be in BTS) so that’s pretty cool :)

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Yes, I say this about almost every song, but this is truly one of my favorites! The beginning is really good, so I’m actually glad he repeated the first phrase/paragraph (whatever you call it lol). I also thought that the lyrics were really cool, and of course the music in the back. I take this as the song that really makes everyone know how he is feeling by knowing, himself, who he is in this world. “From my place in this high, high dream I’m flying above the beautiful world” means to me that maybe he knows he’s at the top now, and he’s really happy and proud about it. This song I think is the most personal from the album/mixtape, as it talks a lot about how he had to take risks with debuting, but now he is at the top. Everyone knows him (/BTS) and they’re just really really HUGE now. This song truly makes me happy, knowing how he feels, and that he’s comfortable and happy. He knows BTS is growing, and that ARMYs continue to be strong, and it just makes me feel warm and proud, because even if I don’t know them (as in personally), they have really come a far way, so just look at them now.

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Blue Side

And now comes the unfortunate reality that his mixtape consists of only seven songs (oooh maybe one for each member?). I loved this album, and I’m a bit disappointed that this a the last song, but also really proud, because this mixtape really has become a big hit in such little time (I mean, it’s trending on Twitter). “Blue Side” is a really slow song, which doesn’t display his rapping skills as well, but I think it concludes the story of “Hope World” really really nicely. I feel like I understand the lyrics, but I’m not sure as to how to put it into words and explain it to you, so please just listen and read for yourself (while you’re at it, listen to the whole mixtape haha). And as I mentioned that it’s sad to be the last song, it’s only about 1:30 which isn’t all that long, so I do wish it were longer.

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That’s all for today. I really do hope you guys liked this article and J-Hope’s mixtape, “Hope World”. Definitely go give it a listen, and if you may, please also stream it! If you want to listen on SoundCloud (1), Spotify (2), or Apple Music (3), here are the links:

1. https://soundcloud.com/bangtan/sets/j-hope-hope-world

2. https://open.spotify.com/album/1bJ8O4jIyqSdunqT9RWXc9

3. https://apple.co/2F5xXIX

Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you all next time!

~ Caylie


P.S. Huge shout out to @mentallyilll for uploading the gifs used, because you really save me 😅