Three of the best places to visit in Europe:

1. Wien, Austria

The town of pasion, perfectionism, arhitecture and delicious desserts.
architecture, austria, and cities image
Streets from Wien
food, chocolate, and sweet image
Told you...
blue sky, church, and cities image

2. Paris, France

Here you can feel the love in the air, hear a lot of clasic music and see expensive things all around you.
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Eifel tower
paris, france, and champagne image
ghetto, theme, and saint laurent image
Fashion from Paris

3. Lisbon, Portugal

Town of colors, life and relax. Here you can charge your batteries, find yourself and the peace you need.
city, lisbon, and portugal image
City of colors
portugal, lissabon, and Urlaub image
Inspiring peace
beach, green, and dreams image
Feel the ocean

Hope you will visit these cities one day.
I visited Wien 2 times and was a great experience, can't wait to visit new places soon.

Bye, WHI friend :*