That month flew by, and fortunately left us some good comebacks, and I can finally comment on what was most relevant to me.

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  • The list is not spread from best to worst.
  • The score will be one to five.
  • All comments will be just my opinion, I hope not offending anyone.
  • I'll just talk about the title song and not the whole album.

Let's start!


I don't know his musical career so well, but I always like him in variety shows. I can say that I became his fan after seeing this MV. His voice is beautiful, and this song got into the bottom of my heart. I loved the aesthetics of the clip, and I think "I don't want to be a monster" was a good phrase to stick to the head. BUT for some reason this reminds me of another song... maybe some of Justin Bieber?


I was wondering when it would be that Seventeen would come with a half-dark clip, making some faces of suffering, running down the aisles as if they were running away from the disband ... because "Don't wanna cry" was not so sad.

Seventeen, thanks, and mv image
King GDragon save us from the disband

I loved the music and all the EDM involved, but I really miss the choruses in songs. But the music is pretty catchy, so it's okay. About the choreography, why Seventeen doesn't win all the awards for best choreography?


I don't usually listen to this type of music, but since I'm a Super Junior fan, I gave it a chance for Heechul. And I cried. It is simply very exciting, the whole story and the shocking end, it was worth having it tight in the play. The only problem is that you pay so much attention in the history of the MV that it doesn't pay attention in the music, which means that the music is not so good. A six for music and a ten for video.


After the forgetful nega dola, I was not so excited about BoA's new comeback. I was surprised, the music is good and managed to stay in my head for a long time. I dare say that maybe it's the best thing BoA has been doing for a long time. The only weakness was the cuts to the choreography in the video. This bothered me a lot, because the flirtation between her and the guy at the station was very interesting, they could have saved the choreography for a dance practice, or MV choreography.


I don't see Suzy as a singer, it's kind of hard to imagine it, because I met her for the dramas. But she surprised me a lot in this comeback. She has a hint of cute and crazy that reminds me a lot of Sunmi, but does not take her essence. She saying she was not sober, and her cuts dancing with her friends, plus the music, made the perfect comeback. I can say that this is one of my favorites of the month, especially since... HAD A CHORUS!


I.M and Jooheon are on my list of best rappers, so I was not surprised I liked it there. I love mixtapes and rappers, and the good lyrics they write. And especially the moves they make. SWAG. The only problem with this MV is that it only has two minutes of duration.


Soon at first Hey Oh I thought "I Got A Boy from Girls Generation". And I also thought the same thing about the rest of the MV. I'm not a Weki Meki fan, but I liked their debut, and the other little things they've released so far. I also liked — more or less — that, even though it is very similar to everything.


I love Hobglobin, that's what made me create expectations with this MV. As much as I liked the song, I would not download it. Expected much more than some that looks like Super Junior plagiarism. I'm sure you guys thought, Black Suit and where's the black dress? No... seriously... WHERE IS THE BLACK DRESS?


DIVERSITY. The only Japanese things I listen to are Namie Amuro and a bit of FAKY, but thank God, Youtube recommended this video to me. I've never heard of it, I don't know their names, and I don't know if it's a comeback or debut, but it's very good.


I love NCT's songs, it's my style of music and choreography. But one thing I don't understand is why have so many units if everything looks the same? Boss comes on my best month list, and on my playlist. As much as I think it will not please everyone, it's a very relevant song in their repertoire.


I didn't know that Taemin was part of the NCT. I also don't understand why it's NCT U, if only Ten and Taeyong sing. Their whispered voice helped me like the music. One of my favorite things about SM is their dance style, this kind of contemporary, powerful thing captivates me. That's good to hear.




I don't know who sings this song, whether it's from Blackpink or from another artist. But this is very good. Not just the music, but the editing of this fan. It's so good it feels a real MV, that's why I had to put it here. Since YG doesn't make a comeback for these girls, the BLINKS do. Seriously now, why does YG launch groups if it will not care about them? How can it be part of the TOP3? Now that BIGBANG goes to the army he can use his time to promote other groups.

gif, black&white, and gifs image
We need to throw the comeback in YG's face like that.

The best of that month TO ME. I hope my opinion has not hurt anyone's feelings. Well, that was February, to be honest, I expected more from the groups. But it seems that kpop solved it give the best in March, I'm really very anxious, GOT7 already gave life signal, and JHOPE finally released his hixtape. I can't wait for the end of March to comment on the diamonds that are probably coming.

If you liked it, please liked it, and if you didn't... thanks for reading, this is already very rewarding. :)

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