Demi Lovato once said, "What's wrong with being confident?" There is one simple answer to that question. NOTHING there is nothing wrong with being confident so don't be afraid to feel good about yourself. Read this. ♡

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❀ get started ❀

First you just need to have the dedication to start. Just do something, really anything. Your mind will see the results and the meaning and it will want more. There is your motivation. and because you're motivated you get all these amazing ideas, and well there is your inspiration.

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❀ start loving yourself ❀

Try to find everyday something you love about yourself. It doesn't have to be just something physical, think about you, about your personality, your passions.

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❀ make days worth it ❀

Go for a run, jump rope, ride a bike, play with the kids, walk, swim, do exercises. It's not just healthy, it's also boost your confidence. Try to do something you like, something what makes you feel strong and good.

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❀ take risks ❀

Girl you got to go out for the sports team or whatever, you have to be the one to make a change, be the difference maker you can be and inspire

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❀ set yourself up to win ❀

Set yourself up to win. Whatever your goals is , if your opportunity comes knocking, girl you gotta open that door and step in. Never take anything for granted. You can do this

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❀ affirm yourself ❀

If your going through something, tell yourself it's going to be ok. Things will work out, you will see better days. And sometimes its okay to not be okay. Overall, just keep your head high with positive vibes. Trust me, better days are coming

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❀ listen more to music ❀

Listen to music which makes you feel confident and happy. Create a good playlist. Forget about the sadsongs because its your time to shine babe

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❀ dont care about negative people ❀

You don't have to be friends with everybody. Sometimes, you have to be a little selfish. Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you, who insult you, just cut them off. You need to realize they aren't worth your time.

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❀ get motivated ❀

1. clean your space

If your room is a big mess, your mind is probably stressed and trying to juggle too many things at once. But if your room is clean & organized, your mind is probably feeling organized and productive. This will really help you.

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2. feel good about your body

You deserve to be happy in your own body and be comfortable in it. Treat yourself right and be fair to your body cause you wouldn't be here today without it. Do some exercises to keep motivated, this will also boost your confidence.

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3. take showers

Either before starting your work, or during a break, you should shower. Showering helps you think, and gets you clean.

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❀ have some time for yourself ❀

Even if its just for a sec, put yourself first, stop thinking about the people your surrounded with and forget about the world. Watch a movie, read a book, bake cookies, spend time with yourself. Just breathe

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❀ reward yourself ❀

This might be the most important tip of all. If you aren't rewarding or treating yourself when you accomplish your goal, then you will never get confident because you won't have as much to strive for. Try to do that

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❀ love ❀

You don't need a perfect relationship to be confident. But you do need love. Someone who you love. This can be your boyfriend, your bestfriend or just simply your mom. Find a person who makes you feel confident, strong and happy. Feel like you don't have a person like this? Bullshit, We all have a person we care about. Hold on to that ♡

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❀ reminder ❀

Be the most important person in your life. It might seem pretentious or self-centered but I really don't think you can take care of other people if you can't take care of yourself first. You should be your priority. Its YOUR life. You are worth it

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So this i what i do to feel confident. I hope it helped you!
Also: im here for you. if there's something important you wanna get off your chest


if you need help




advies or whatever.


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