It’s so strange how small things can affect us , someone can break ur heart with a word , other would make u the happiest person alive just by a smile . It’s so strange how people don’t think about the thing they say or do , how it would affect us ,how it can break us or make our day . It’s so strange how we give people control over our feelings . I really hate it when i give someone the advantage of having control over my heart and mind , i hate it when someone can control how i will spend my day , i hate when someone can make me swing my mood just by a word . It’s so strange how sometimes i feel like we should feel every little thing , every little feeling , to me it what makes us humans ,other times i really wish if I could turn my feelings off , like I don’t wanna feel anything , I don’t wanna get hurt by anything. I don’t know maybe i am writing all this because I’m sad.