Looking for inspiration?
Sometimes it's hard to come up with a creative idea for your writing, you just need a bit of inspiration to get you started.

These are some article ideas that might inspire you.

1 | lists of tips or ideas

Just like this one, they're quick easy to read.

book image

2 | 'How to' articles

WHI is also the place where people look for answers to their questions.

3 | your comments and opinions

It's important to let your followers know what your opinions are, they show who's the real you behind the keyboard.

book, coffee, and typewriter image help, study, and learning image

4 | 'Why?' articles

The web helps us make decisions and gives us advice.

book, coffee, and reading image coffee, drink, and delicious image

5 | create an A-Z article

Alphabeticized lists can be very versatile, you can use them with every topic!

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Thank you so much for reading!
I hope that at least one of these tips might help you.

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