hey everyone! music is great. feeling things is great. even if the feelings aren't always perfect. this is a playlist i created that will keep your hearts full and minds open. just listen, let it soak in. i hope you enjoy! if you do, check it out on spotify! ♡


It's You- Umbels

Waves Crash- Umbels

Be Your Own 3am- Adult Mom

Ephemeralness- Adult Mom

Sorry I Was Sorry- Adult Mom

Laying On My Floor- Adult Mom

Breakfast Is Over- Sadgirl

Of Age- The Frights

Harvest Moon- Neil Young

Cut Your Bangs- Girlpool

Attics Of My Life- Grateful Dead

Be Mine- Alice Boman

I Was All Over Her- Salvia Palth

Drunk Text Romance- Cyberbully Mom Club

How To Never Stop Being Sad- Dandelion Hands

I Exist I Exist I Exist- Flatsound

I Love You So- The Walters

Sleep Apnea- Beach Fossils

Girl- Salvia Path

I Like You- Dandelion Hands

If You Love Me, Come Clean- Flatsound

Her Sinking Sun- Coma Cinema

Overthinking- Acid Ghost

Weird Honey- Elvis Depressedly

I Think You're Really Beautiful- Starry Cat

i hope that you all love this music as much as i do, and that you find even more amazing music! ♡