Happy Birthday to this wonderful guy Justin Bieber.

This is going to sound crazy but he has been the only stable in life for me, friends have left orthers I have left.

Through my crazy hobbies.
Through my humor changes.
Through heartbreaks.
Through happiness.
He has been someone I always find comfort in, someone I go back to everytime, even if I like another music style or different artist I always go back to him.

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I have believed in him since day one,
Through his ups and downs.
When he was at his best.
When he was lost and couldn't see the light.
When evebody was judging.
When nobody believed some of us did.

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I have stayed because he was my life saver when I saw myself alone and depressed.
He doesn't know I exist but I honestly don't care because I know him, and I love him.

I thank that God has showed him the way and that he is now recovery and seems to be happier than ever.

Thank God for creating this beautiful soul that has been an inspiration of hardwork and hope to so many people.

Happy Birthday to my Hero Justin Bieber

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