Hey! I’m kinda lazy and you don’t care so let’s just get into it without that YouTube blah blah thing :

  • The 5 things rule : All you have to do is make a list in your brain, think about 5 things that made you feel happy today (it doesn’t have to be a huge thing) for example you’ve seen a cute cat in the street| this rule will teach your brain to always find positivity around
  • Smile: I have a very serious face even though I’m totally fun inside (at least that’s what I think lol) so all I do is I smile to the mirror for like 10 sec. it’s really fun and you can also practice your smile like some famous actor on a red carpet| this will fool your brain to think you’re feeling happy!
  • Hug: I once had a group hug at sport class, and lemme tell ya. Everyone stank so bad I can’t believe I’m still alive now. Anyway yeah hug people (clean ones hahaha)| that gives your body the feeling of love and support.
  • Send a message : send a sweet message to someone. For example“ good morning,I wish you a good day! “ or “ hey? Long time no see, just wanna make sure you’re fine!”| this will make your relationship with people stronger and usually you’ll get a sweet massage back.
  • Do something: once you start to feel negative, hurry up and do something good. For example at school once I feel negative I try to take notes in the lesson or in free time I start to study for school| that makes the negativity fade and you’ll feel happier after the good work!

Hope this helped you to survive a day with positive energy,
Lots of happy wishes to whoever is reading this.