hey babes!

I know this is late again, but I have been super busy.

anyways, today, here are some things I tend to do whenever I'm dying of boredom.

I hope y'all enjoy!


organize your room

I absolutely love to redecorate or just organize my room, it makes me feel so accomplished.

interior, bedroom, and home image bedroom, home, and bed image


try makeup looks

for me, this takes up a lot of time, and its a good and fun way to waste time. I also love playing around with makeup because I gradually get better and better.

makeup, beauty, and girl image makeup, glitter, and beauty image


listen to music

along with listening to music, I tend to edit playlists too.

fashion, style, and chanel image chanel, perfume, and ariana grande image


get food with a friend

being honest, this is all I do. almost every single purchase on my card was for food, I need help.

food image food, pink, and style image


read a book

this rarely happens, sadly, but is the best way to waste time!

books, read, and coffee image book, red, and reading image


go on a walk/hike

okay you can catch me going on a walk, BUT I WILL NEVER GO ON A HIKE AGAIN! well, at least not with my idiot friends, with an adult maybe. but besides my horrific memory of the last hike I went on, they are pretty fun.

fitness, motivation, and workout image girl, fitness, and nike image


play with puppies

no explanation needed. just go.

dog, cute, and puppy image dog, animal, and cute image


pamper yourself

take a spa day girl, you deserve it!

bath, candle, and relax image beauty and girl image


go on whi

will this list be complete without the app I'm on right now itself?

travel, summer, and fashion image legs, ocean, and relax image


thank y'all so much for reading!

hopefully another article up next week or this weekend, I have no clue.

check out my previous article!

feel free to message me.

xoxo, olivia