My name is Alecsa

A is for Apricot

orange, aesthetic, and style image aesthetic, peachy, and shadow image flowers, rose, and peach image pink, aesthetic, and waves image

L is for Liliac

purple, girl, and aesthetic image purple, sky, and window image purple, sky, and tumblr image lost, aesthetic, and purple image

E is for Emerald

hands, green, and grunge image pink, neon, and aesthetic image green, nature, and plants image harry potter, slytherin, and green image

C is for Caramel

Image by Andoena Image removed aesthetic, theme, and tumblr image aesthetic, blue, and pink image

S is for Silver

fashion, dress, and style image black, hair, and hairstyle image Image removed aesthetic, dark, and frases image

A is for Aqua

aesthetic, wallpaper, and snapchat image aesthetic, blue, and green image girl, blue, and neon image door image