Do you know when you go to sleep with a heart full of hope that the next day will be incredible? so it was not so incredible. :( I went to a job being that it was not even to be a job that I was still testing, I was in this place for a week only training and it seemed that everything was going well until today I knew that it was not the time yet ... come out of there a bit sad, more with a little relief because I was not sure if I really wanted to stay there. I know, I was in doubt if I was aware of what was around me ... but in the end it did not, I think it really was not for I believe in God and I know that nothing happens for nothing.I needed that experience to get something better in the front.It comes out about 1:30 a.m. when I got home I got a call to go to another interview and when I get there there are 5 people to be interviewed too, I was the penultimate one and the boy told me that for now my resume was the best, but one person was still missing to interview, so now I just have to wait, I know that if it is of God's will I will achieve this u another, but I will! Well it's people, life is like this, we can not be afraid to run back, nothing will get right into your hands and if you arrive I think it will not be as good, as tasty as that feeling of having achieved why you fought and much for that, Nothing in my life was easy, but okay, I've gotten used to it. Sometimes I find myself lamenting for not having or not getting what I want, the sooner I think it could be worse, then I thank God for the health, the courage and the will to fight for what I want. BE GRATE EVEN EVERYTHING WRONG TODAY, TOMORROW CAN BE EVERYTHING DIFFERENT!