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Later in the day, I had my first touch with the ocean.

I took a step into a rushing wave with Elios at my side. The sun was perched high in the cloudless sky, saturating the air with an unbearable heat that melted my pale skin. The cool blue splashed against my burning legs as I took a couple of steps further, until the water rested just below my thighs. The wind howled, whipping my long dark hair back, another wave rolled into me and sprayed my body with refreshing sea salt. I squealed through a tight grin as I looked back at Elios, who stood a few feet away with his arms crossed. Not affected by the blistering heat.

Then he noticed my gaze, and his face brighten.

I soaked up his beautiful smile, absorbing his being in my life and the greatness of it all.

The wind carried his voice. “You know what I realised, since you now have a name you need a birthday to celebrate it.” He trudged through the water and towered over me, my brows furrowed. “A birthday? What is that?” I questioned.

“The day you came into the world, the day Luna was born." He informed, then crouched down low so that his face had to look up to me, mischief dancing behind his iris. “Close your eyes, I want to give you something special.”

Immediately, I covered my eyes with a quick hand. I hummed in anticipation. "I like the sound of special.”

I felt another wave slightly rock me before he spoke. “But before I give you your present, I want to make sure you understand this,” he took a breath. “I want to give you everything. If I could, I would give you all the riches in the world, the finest foods, the softest silks, a magnificent castle." A blush dusted my cheeks as he continued. "But for now, I only have this.” Something small dropped into my palm and I uncovered my eyes.

I found a smooth white ball that slightly radiated like the moon itself in my hand. My lips parted in wonder as I poked and prodded at it.

“It’s a Pearl.” I glanced down at Elios, whose eyes crinkled with happiness as I continued to inspect the pearl, holding it up between my forefinger and thumb to the sky. “Oh it’s beautiful Elios! Where did you find it?”

“At the bottom of the reef. Their precious jewels of the ocean, and only royals are known to have them." His grin spreads wide across his face, putting his left hand behind his back and the other to his heart. "So you Luna, are a Queen. Queen of the moon and stars." His fluffy golden crown of hair bowed to me, devoted to serve his 'Queen'. The sheer sweetness of the gesture made me giggle, and I glided a hand through his floppy hair, inching his chin up to look at me.

My voice turned sincere. "Nothing can amount to how warm, bright, and wonderful you are Elios. Thank you." and I meant it, as I exchange him an adoring look that came from deep within my heart.

I tucked a curl behind his ear, smoothing my thumb over the surface of his cheek. His bright green irises bored into my own. I wanted to repay him for being so giving, but he stood up to his feet. “That is not all my Queen. Take my hand, I want to show you something.”

I clutched the pearl so that I wouldn't dare to lose it. I slipped my fingers into his outstretch hand and follow him as he guided us out of the waves and onto the sand. Taking me across the beach, through to the assortment of palm trees that sprinkled the outskirts of the lush rainforest. It was alive with the sounds of insects chirping, majestic birds songs echoed and I was completely enchanted as we passed a large colourful bird as it bathed itself in a puddle on the ground. Fluffing and dipping its body into the water.

I turned my head back to look at the entrance of the rainforest, the thickness of the greenery was shrouded in darkness. Making me wonder what world stood beyond it. Suddenly, I spotted two faint blue and red flashes that bursted out from the shadows, fluttering over to us in a beautiful exotic dance.

"Butterflies," Elios stated, turning to me with a grin. "they've come out to see their Queen."

My eyes didn’t waver from the two insects as I was hypnotised by their beauty. They continued to hover above us as we walked. I secured the pearl in my hand as I reached up to the butterflies, hoping they would attach to my finger. The blue butterfly broke away from its dance and didn’t land on my hand, but opted for my nose instead.

My nose scrunched up at the sudden contact, I furiously batted my lashes as it beated it’s large wings right on my cheeks.

Elios released a loud laugh, rumbling with mirth. I huffed through my nostrils as I failed to hold in my laughter, and the pretty butterfly lifted off. Rejoining with its counterpart, and they flew off in circles until they lowered onto the top of a bamboo roof.

Elios let go of my hand, and I gasped realising that we were standing in front of a large hut.

He peered at me from the side, watching my reaction. “I made it while you were still asleep. I thought you might suffer from the sun, so I built you some shade.”

My eyes turned soft as I met his, a slow smile building. “Oh Elios.” I glanced at the hut, then back to him with my brows upturned. I took a step closer to him, wrapping my arms around his neck. “Why must you be so caring, do not forget you must think of yourself too.”

As if I had whispered a curse, his mouth fell into a straight line. Blinking for a moment to speak the right words. “I, I’ve spent enough years alone Luna. I don’t need to think of myself any longer.”

My eyes brimmed with concern as I placed my hands on either side of his face. “Then can you promise me one thing?”

There was a long silence before he dipped his chin as if to say yes.

I lean my forehead against his. “If you will continue to be selfless, please don’t put yourself in danger for my sake.” I watched his eyes flicker as I continued in a whisper. “A queen would be devastated if she lost her king. That is all I ask.”

The stoic face melted away, replaced with a warm radiant one. “King? Are you referring to me?” I could see it in his eyes that he knew very well what I meant; the wide mischievous smirk said so. My eyes turned into slits as I tried to conceal a snicker. “Elios,” I warned. “Don’t make me say it again—“

“What!? I couldn’t hear you?” He put a hand to his ear darting his eyes around. “Come again?” I heaved an irritated sigh, seeing the smirk playing on his lips. But then, an idea popped into my head.

I did the unthinkable, and swiftly pressed my lips to his. He immediately stiffened as his brows shot up and eyes grew wide. I broke away, releasing the breath I’d been holding in. His mouth hung open, and a faint red dusted his cheeks. I grinned in satisfaction. I had got him good.

“You never answered me.” I said crossing my arms. He looked at me in a daze before he shook his head and cleared his throat. Regaining the the flame of devotion in his emerald eyes.“I promise.”

I hummed in amusement and playfully tapped his cheek as I dipped my chin towards the hut. “Come on, let’s go into our castle. My king.

I moved towards the entrance of the hut, hearing Elios’ footsteps crunch over leaves as he followed me. He spoke under his breath with an all knowing smirk. “We celebrate tonight. My Queen.

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Hey guys, I just wanna say WOW you’re all so amazing! I can’t believe how much attention Moon Child has gotten. There are more chapters to come, and I can’t wait to show you the rest of Elios and Luna’s journey! But once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 💕✨