hi everyone, today i have yet another article and the topic today is the colours in my name! _(i love this idea so much, shoutout to 3th3r3al for coming up with the idea!)

maroon # 800000

car, red, and burgundy image eyes and makeup image book, kiss, and lipstick image fashion, style, and burgundy image
a deep red, almost burgundy.

ivory # fffff0

Image removed aesthetic, bed, and beige image pink, Louis Vuitton, and wallpaper image aesthetic image
a light beige / pale yellow.

ube # 8878c3

hair, girl, and purple image purple, backpack, and bag image bubble tea, purple, and taro image grunge, hair, and wifi image
a kind of deep, muted pastel purple.

if you want to see the shade of the colours accurately, google search the colour codes i put in the titles (make sure to include the hashtag)!

i hope you enjoyed this little 'tag', check out the rest of my articles!

- miu x