Teenage years, a time for many confusing and heart wrenching moments. As teenagers we often feel misunderstood or mistreated. We feel are lives are nothing but an endless cycle of school and self judgement. However there are some things, some key things in these years that make it bearable:

1: Friendships
I know its corny to say that friends are the most important thing, but they are. Family is great too but friends can experience new things with you and join in on the stupidity. For example: My friends and I once thought it a good idea to leave a party in the middle of the night, walk through town in the pitch black, half drunk and get McDonalds. We found an empty shopping trolley and all the girls got in while the boys pushed us. The night then turned into a legendary tale. This would never have happened if I didn't push myself out of my comfort zone, I would have never experienced many more nights like this. I wold still be in my bedroom watching TV shows and hoping for amazing nights like the ones I was watching.

boy aesthetic

2: Taking photos

The photos I'm using in this article are not my own but I have taken ones from many nights and days out I wish to remember. Some of the photos are simply of me and my friends cooking, on a walk or just hanging out at home. Others are from bonfire nights, days/ trips out, birthdays and parties. Either way, documenting the past few years with my friends with my Polaroid camera (yes i am that friend that takes photos of everything) has been the best decision I've ever made. I can watch us just living and experiencing new things and I will always have these photos to cherish and remember what its like to live and make crazy decisions.

article friendship

3: Music

Music is therapy, it helps with everything. Here are some albums I highly recommend.

album grunge the wombats music

Hope you enjoyed, it's my first article so sorry if its bad :)