If you are thinking to travel to Buenos Aires, you might know some popular places in the city. But there's more places as restaurants, coffe shop or, even, ice cream's shops that onl people who live here knows. Here a list of my favourist places on the city.


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This is one of Buenos Aires's most famous pizza shop (and my favourite). This restaurant is in Corrientes avenue, in the middle of theathers and libraries. Is a few blocks away from the Obelisco, so you can eat a slice of pizza full of muzarella and the go to take the iconic pic.

Of course there are lots of traditional pizza shops, but this one is my favorite.

Rapa Nui

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Okey, here we need a little of history, As you know, or not, Patagonia is a beautiful place where are made the most delicious chocolates. Rapa Nui is a chocolate shop from Bariloche, a very tourist city on the Patagonia. Luckly you don't have to move from Buenos Aires to taste Rapa Nui's chocolates and ice cream. Yeah, they have ice cream too. But is not a normal ice cream, you will find exotic flavors as "Frambuesa nevada" (Snow-capped raspberry), "60% cacao", "Dulce de leche de cabra" and Chocolate or Dulce de Leche Rapanui (with pieces of chocolate, brownie and nuts). Theres's Rapa Nui locals all over the city. Oh, and please, try the Fra Nui (raspberries covered with chocolate)

Freddo and Persicco

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I put this two ice cream shop togheter because their owners are realtive. Yeah, really. You can find them all over the city (but Freddo have more locals). Their ice cream is the best one you can find in Buenos Aires (and Rapa Nui, of course).

Grand Splendid (Ateneo)

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This was a famous theater and cinema when my parents were younger. Now, there is a library called Ateneo. If someday it´s rain, you can go there and read a book on the gallery. (they have books in english and french)


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Lucciano have the best ice pops of Buenos Aires. You can try normal fruits ice pops, nutella's ice pop, dulce de leche with nuts ice pops, etc. Or you can try the ice pops thats looks like minions, cute pigs, or paws (and took a nice selfie with it).

Convento San Ramón Nonato

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Okay, this place is known as The secret garden of the downtown". Secret beacause just a few people know it. The entrance is very common and If you are not looking for it you may not notice its existant. It's an old convent where yo can find a little art gallery, library with lots of old books and other shops. And, of course, this amazing garden where people go for lunch (they eat theirs meals or in one of the two restaurants.)

Cementery of Recoleta

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This is the most tourist place of all I mention. But I love this place. Yeah, I know, why I wanted to go to a cementery? But this is not a common cementery, is one of the 10 most beautiful cemeteries in the world according to CNN and the BBC hailed it as one of the world's best cemeteries. You can find famous people's graves, beautiful statues and cats. Yeah, cats. If you are going to go, I recomended you go with a guide tour who will tell you lots of stories about the graves.