so this challenge has gone viral on here i guess? and i'm trying to blog more often so here's my thisisme tag. enjoy learning about my boring wannabe grunge aesthetic


fashion, style, and jeans image fashion, grunge, and alternative image fashion, plaid, and shirt image fashion, arctic monkeys, and outfit image
i don't actually listen to any of these bands but i couldn't find aesthetic outifts for my favourite rock bands sorry guys


rose, purple, and flowers image flowers, sunflower, and yellow image yellow, internet, and cool image city, pink, and purple image

hobbies / passions

diary and journal image aesthetic, old, and record image 90s, modern art, and tumblr image book, quotes, and love image
writing in my journal & my fiction book (perfect toxicity), listening to music, watching tv (i count these as hobbies because i take them vv seriously), reading.


aesthetic, fall, and autumn image quotes, october, and autumn image spring, quotes, and season image Image removed
spring and autumn are the best bc winter's too cold & summer's too hot


aesthetic, boys, and cats image Image by ☪︎ aesthetic, snake, and white image cat, kitten, and cute image


quotes, motivation, and proud image quotes and words image black and white, book, and bookworm image confident, happiness, and happy image


quotes, that 70s show, and funny image f.r.i.e.n.d.s, friends, and funny image teen wolf, stiles, and sarcasm image Alyssa, movie, and quotes image
sarcastic, introverted, procastination, in love with the idea of love, i like to think i'm funny idk

tv shows

james, Alyssa, and teotfw image izombie image Marvel, jessica jones, and netflix image stranger things, eleven, and netflix image brooklyn nine nine image friends image


movie, poster, and dying girl image nerve, emma roberts, and dave franco image Image by scarlett Image by scarlett horror, poster, and shaun of the dead image Image by scarlett
:) boop


band, rock, and royal blood image halsey, blue, and singer image troye sivan, wild, and troye image Taylor Momsen, the pretty reckless, and rock image
royal blood, halsey, troye sivan, the pretty reckless & others from those genres


burgers, food, and pizza image aesthetic, coffee, and delicious image candy, dessert, and food image delicious, food, and lunch image
pizza, tea, nutella (which i can't have because of my braces :( i miss it), and pasta / pasta salad.


aesthetic, bisexual, and jacket image introvert image tv, dark, and hand image aesthetic, books, and indie image
bisexual, introverted, addicted to tv, student / reading / writing.

dreams and goals

girl, aesthetic, and grunge image winter, city, and snow image love, couple, and black and white image tattoo, triangle, and couple image
to become a published author or script writer to a successful tv show, move to a big city (new york, london) get into a real relationship, and get a tattoo. :)

thanks for reading! this took hours but if you haven't done it yet you definitely should, it's so fun and tbh i learnt more about myself doing this challenge.