recently went through a breakup, so here are my thoughts. [playlist i like to listen to when i'm sad:]

1) ❝i hate that i'm still hoping❞

2) ❝i broke my own heart loving you❞

3) ❝i wonder if you ever talked about me to someone❞

4) ❝sure i can delete your photo, your texts, your number but how do i delete your face, your voice and our memories?❞

5) ❝i miss you. no, wait, let me correct that. i miss the old you. i miss the old you that cared about me and the old you that would treat me so well❞

6) ❝for you, i was a chapter. for me, you were the book.❞

7) ❝it's you, my thoughts are all about you.❞

8) ❝i'm always the one who loves more. that's my problem.❞

9) ❝i wish i was kissing you instead of mising you.❞

10) ❝and it makes me sad that i dont cross your mind, when you're the reason i lost mine.❞