Hello, dear.

I've been seeing a cool challenge going around on WHI, so I decided I would give it s try. And its my first article.

so my name is Jennifer. (nice to meet u)

J - Jungle Green

green, plants, and leaves image green and wallpaper image coconut, green, and tropical image elephant, animal, and nature image

E - Emerald

flowers, plants, and green image interior, home, and design image cat, bath, and green image fashion, green, and style image

N - Navy Blue

blue, sea, and summer image fashion, summer, and bikini image flowers, rose, and blue image quote image

N - New York Pink

Image removed passport, pink, and travel image like, miss, and clothes image bridge, city, and sky image

I - Ivory

dress, fashion, and wedding image fashion, style, and outfit image interior image bath, legs, and fashion image

F - Flamingo pink

animal, flamingo, and pink image summer, girl, and pool image pink, wings, and angel image summer, girl, and flamingo image

E - Ecru Beige

nails, style, and beauty image fashion, girl, and style image dog, animal, and puppy image wedding, dress, and flowers image

R - Rose Gold

fashion, luxury, and outfits image rose, flowers, and pink image luxury, pink, and rose gold image rose gold, pink, and theme image

Yes, that was my name in color with some of my favorite color and I love green.