This week, I decided that I'm gonna write something about beauty. Firstly I was thinking about my favorite beauty products, cause I have them a lot but maybe in future I will write about that also. Now you will know about my easy, natural but awesome makeup routine.


My mum always tells me that I have to cream my face cause then I will have dry skin. Soo..I'm not using primer but normal cream. I know that it's a little bit strange, maybe funny but this was working for me for so long and it also will work for so long. I think there is not a big difference between these products. Both make sure that you wouldn't have dry skin and also make your foundation set longer.


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Personally, I don't like foundation. So I'm not using a lot of it. Just a little bit, to cover some annoying pimples.


As I already said, I didn't use a lot of foundation so concealer is my thing. As everyone I put concealer to cover my under eye circles and at my pimples or some reddish places at my face. Last months I have fell in love with DM products. DM is a German (I think) drugstore and they started their own product brand called TREND IT UP. I have so many things from them and as concealer I'm using CAMOU CONCEALER shade 020.


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Cause I was telling about DM products and as I said I have a lot of them so I'm using one also for my eyebrows. The product is called TREND IT UP - EYEBROW POWDER WATERPROOF shade 020

And my eyebrows are a personal chapter. It always took me about 20 minutes to make them awesome or even slightly good. And I use two brushes. One thiner for perfect shape and one thicker for filling them in.


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I have a really pinky blush so I'm not using a lot cause that wouldn't look good. Applying it with a brush. The product is called DIVACE - VELVET BLUSH.


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I never use fake eyelashes. But I love mascara, I have so many types from different brands in my makeup bag. My favorite is LONGLASHES 90X60X90 by DIVACE.

So this is all from my easy and quick makeup routine. I practically do this every morning before school that's why it is so easy. Cause nobody has a lot of time in the morning, right?

That's all from me! 😄