I really love this idea! :)
So this is meh :')

fashion, clothes, and black image nike, adidas, and shoes image fashion, style, and nike image girl, ulzzang, and asian image
I love to wear Hoodies &' I love shoes, but I almost only wear black or sport ouftits.


light, quotes, and neon image red image love, quotes, and grunge image summer, airplane, and orange image
black, red, purple &' yellow/organe are my fav. Colours.


colorful, dance, and dancer image beach, dance, and dancer image mac, study, and Paper image book and stationery image
hip hop, sport, learn/drawing &' reading.


airplane, sky, and travel image graduation image couple, happines, and happy image Temporarily removed
traveling, relationship, graduation &' to be happy.

fav. Food

food, hungry, and london image donuts, food, and sweet image food, green, and fresh image fruit, food, and healthy image
pizza, donuts, salad &' i really love fruits.

- A♡