a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i , j ,k ....

[A] HH OOP ; mamamoo

gif, solar, and comeback image
love, sky, and pink image sky, balloons, and pink image
every time you come a little closer your heartbeat gets louder pow pow pow

[B] oo ; iu

gif, girl, and hairstyle image
Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫 theme, sky, and rp image
give me just one bite of your love sweeter than ice cream my boo my my boo

[C] arolina ; harry styles

gif, Harry Styles, and 1d image
crystal, aesthetic, and pastel image quotes, flowers, and grunge image
she's got a book for every situation gets into parties without invitations

[D] epression ; clc

cube, gif, and pretty image
flowers, art, and painting image quotes, flowers, and grunge image
i don’t know love i know but i wanna pretend i don’t because of the tears that are deeply nailed into my heart

[E] raser ; ed sheeran

gif, guitar, and music image
mountains, pink, and sky image quotes and book image
when the world's against me is when i really come alive and everyday that Satan tempts me, i try to take it in my stride

[F] ine ; taeyeon

gif, music, and cute image
quotes, happy, and orange image orange, aesthetic, and hand image
meaningless jokes, small talk i look fine in a crowd i’m pretending to be fine with a smile on my face

[G] eorgia ; vance joy

eating, funny face, and singer image
quotes, determination, and life image coffee and food image
she is something to behold elegant and bold she is electricity running to my soul

[H] eaven ; troye sivan

black and white, cool, and gay image
art, black and white, and van gogh image quotes, better, and words image
feeling like my heart's mistaken, oh so if I'm losing a piece of me maybe i don't want heaven?

[I] nsomnia ; stellar

asian, kpop, and gif image
Image by "Pressure" flowers and aesthetic image
the night is getting longer and my heart is getting bigger i can't stop thinking about you

[J] ust a game ; birdy

amazing, gif, and girl image
stars, glitter, and black and white image blue and theme image
and now i know my place we're all just pieces in their games

[K] iss Kiss ; ladies code

gif, gifs, and rise image
makeup, beauty, and pink image pink, pale, and pastel image
i’ll be honest, you kind of have bad breath

[L] onely ; b1a4

boy, gif, and leader image
aesthetic, cream, and grunge image mv and b1a4 image
i run away and run away but in the end, i’m a fool blind for you it feels like no one is looking for me

[M] ovie ; btob

gif, kpop, and btob image
lips, aesthetic, and grunge image quote image
please take me before it's too late as soon as the wound in your heart heals i’ll be your man rather than anyone else

[N] ew rules ; dua lipa

gif and dua lipa image
theme, aesthetic, and green image flower and soft image
you know you're gonna wake up in his bed in the morning and if you're under him, you ain't gettin' over him

[O] h father ; sia

gif and maddie ziegler image
aesthetic, flowers, and sweet image aesthetic and beach image
seems like yesterday i lay down next to your boots and i prayed for your anger to end

[P] ied piper ; bts

gif, bts, and bangtan image
bts, suga, and kpop image water, hair, and mermaid image
follow the sound of pipes follow this song even if it’s a bit dangerous, you know i’m so sweet

[Q] uesta nostra stagione ; ero ramazzotti

gif image
quotes, love, and sad image love, couple, and black and white image
and they can’t hold their hands anymore stopped between their habits and vain hopes

[R] ewrite the stars ; zendaya

gif and zendaya image
sky, clouds, and orange image color and orange image
you think it's easy but there are mountains and there are doors that we can't walk through

[S] cars to your beautiful ; alessia cara

gif, wild, and alessia cara image
boy, mmm, and water image autum, beach, and colorfull image
you should know you're beautiful just the way you are no scars to your beautiful, we're stars and we're beautiful

[T] eenager ; michemical romance

city, clouds, and love image
aesthetic, alternative, and black image quotes, think, and light image
they're gonna clean up your looks with all the lies in the books to make a citizen out of you

[U] nder the same sun ; scorpions

gif, sun, and hand image
blue and pink, theme, and rp theme image umbrella, aesthetic, and tumblr image
we all walk under the same moon then why, why can't we live as one

[V] irgin ; after school

after school, kpop, and Nana image
chocolate, food, and sweet image aesthetic, brown, and goals image
now on the stage again, it feels like the first time the dazzling lights on again

[W] ithout you ; nct u

ten, nct u, and nct image
quotes, red, and flowers image aesthetic, flowers, and girl image
someone who would walk with the slow me i’m waiting for that someone

[X] O ; beyonce

gif, queen bey, and beyoncé image
beautiful, hair, and classy image sea, water, and aesthetic image
in the darkest night i’ll i’ll search through the crowd

[Y] OUTH ; troye sivan

gif, troye, and youth image
angel, art, and aesthetic image girl, flowers, and grunge image
'cause we get no time for getting old before our bodies turn to stones

[Z] ezé ; iu

gif and iu image
flowers, rose, and aesthetic image aesthetic and minimal image
i can tell by your laugh you’re definitely mischievous

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