We all just love getting up at 6 or 7 AM, jumping out of our warm beds and heading to school or work! Right? Well, not so much.

Each day, we get up, whine about how we don't feel like going to work, get ready and then leave the home all grumpy and unsatisfied.
That is so sad since, usually, the mood we get up with is the mood that follows us all day.
I've decided to create my own morning routine which will make me get out of bed all happy and excited. So, I'm sharing my tips with all of you.

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Making your bed

This is such a cliché but trust me on this. As soon as you open your eyes just count to 3, get up and make your bed.
Since the bed is obviously the place we sleep in, making it means the sleeping is over and it is time for your day to start.

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Plus, when your bed looks so pretty you just can't go back toit and ruin all the beauty.


I was never a huge breakfast lover but now it is honestly the thing that makes me get up.
What I like to start of is a glass of water because it makes my whole body wake up.
And than, of course, coffee. Can't imagine any day without it.
But of course, if you are not a coffee lover (for whatever the reason is) there is always tea or you could even make yourself a lemonade. Definately a healthier option.

And for the actual breakfast I either like to make some oatmeal or grab a croissant. I also like spicing up my oatmeal with some honey, cinnamon and bananas.

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Do something you enjoy

While eating my breakfast, I like to take some time for myself. By that I mean watching my favourite TV-show, reading a book, scrolling through some inspirational quotes or watching a video by my favourite Youtuber.

Doing something like this each morning before you start your day will make you so happy and fulfilled.

“Some days you just have to create your own sunshine”
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Getting ready

I personally like to start getting ready after I've done all the tasks I stated before.

I start by washing and moisturizing my face, doing my makeup and then putting a cute outfit and my favourite parfume on.

What is important for me is that I feel good inside out. But, of course, not everyone has to like makeup or fashion to have a wonderful moring.
You just modify this to your liking.

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Hopefully I inspired you to try and do this. I wish you all a countless amount of wonderful mornings!

“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters the most.”

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