He is full of mystery
if i look at him and i see
he is already staring at me
i swear i can´t breath

I have given this article this name because, when i look at his eyes i see the most pretty and intens
eyes i have ever seend. His eyes tell me something..

It feels like we're are close as strangers.
I often see him in the week, Because we go at the same school.
every time i see him my heart beats a bit faster. and i know we both have something to say but do not say it. We try to hide our feeling but we forget that our eyes already speak.

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And maybe i'm all the way wrong and this is a fantasy. And i take this eye thing too seriously, and maybe he does not feel the same as what i feel. But actually i do not want to think about that. I think this fantasing thing is better than reality.Because i am actually afraid to know the truth. But one thing i know is that i feel something for him.

And he has something i can't let go. And it hurts when i see him with other girls. Because the only thing i want is to be with him. He probably not see the pain i feel or what im struggling with.

in the end, I am just a person with feelings for an unknown. And if i close my eyes and think about him i don't see him with me but with another..