To read is to enter in a world where your wildest dreams become real.

There is something about reading that always catches my eye, whether it's the stream of words or the countless descriptions, one on top of the other. Reading has always presented itself like an escape, but also like a curse. It is the only thing that can make you homesick for a place you've never been before.

Book sagas are different, they are so long you, somehow, become attached to them, seeing yourself in every word printed on each page. So here are seven book sagas you should read at least once in your lifetime.

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1. Harry Potter Saga

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If there is one book that has made me feel homesick for a place I've never been is this one. Hogwarts is and will forever be my home.

2. Twilight Saga

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I wasn't a fan of the movie, I'm not a big fan of the book either, but the whole idea and aesthetic of it thrills me. Everyone has wanted this to happen at least once, and reading the books gives you that opportunity.

3. Percy Jackson & the olympians

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I love the main character of this story, not only because he's so far away from the usual, but because he is relatable. This saga is for all ages and everyone can enjoy it.

4. The mortal Instruments

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If I'm honest I don't really like the way this book is written, but the argument and the series are amazing and can be really interesting.

5. Fifty Shades of Grey

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People are so judgy about this because of the movies, but truth to be told the book is a lot more interesting than the motion picture. Everything that is avoided in the movie (such as emotions or common sense) is well developped in the book.

6. Hunger Games

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Hunger games is probably One of the most widely known series, mosly because it was transformed into a motion picture, but also because it was very different from other books that came out at the same time.

7. The lunar chronicles

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If you bever liked the traditional version of stories such as snowhite or cinderella, then you should probably read this saga and give it a try, because these stories come with a twist: it's in the future.

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