a/n: my first collection was inspired by him and i'm making the first of the oc files in his honour :')

full name: theodore gabriel alexander
age: 17
d.o.b: march 22nd 1973
height: about 5'10 idk
hair colour: varies between chestnut in the summer and dark brown during winter
eye colour: dark brown, almost black
status: tba

i'm in progress of writing a wattpad story on him titled "personal jesus hotline" (an idea which came to me whilst listening to marilyn manson on the fookin toilet lmao)
the basis of the story is that, teddy, a teen growing up in late 80's alabama, was raised as deeply religious by his family, his father being a preacher at one of the many churches in the bible belt. ted then graduates early at sixteen and earns a fine arts scholarship at usc.
when he arrives in l.a. he recieves a letter from his dad that basically reads: "we r rich n we all think dem ppl on the goshdarn west coast r rlly darn satanic so whoop dee frickin doo we set up a s p e c i a l hotline for them to contact u (yes, u) bcuz we think ur impressionable teen booty is gr8 4 the job. take care xoxo dad & momma"
teddy is then expected to handle a hotline where he basically acts as a personal jesus (ayy ;))))) and also balance his studies at a university where his views and way of life make him out as a black sheep.
he then falls into a less than great entourage and falls into a downward spiral of degradation.
if i continue anymore there are gonna be major spoilers, so!!!

now, teddy is a very good person at heart whom, at the beginning, is just heavily influenced by his deep religious beliefs to make not the most sensible choices in a situation. after moving away from home he experiences a freedom he has never had before due to his parents (i'm not saying all religious parents are like his because every person is different!!) and he tries to find a middle ground for his soul and his beliefs after he starts university and starts operating his hotline but, unfortunately, he is a person of extremes which leads to the chaos that starts to ensue in his life after his fall into dangerous company.

i tried to write and image teddy as the innocent lost sheep after his picture perfect world at his parents' home starts to end, who tries to go with the flow in the arthouse world and the general pop culture, as well as a more underground-ish, culture of the late 80's and beginning of the 90's. though that, inherently, begins proving too much for him and his life starts transforming into a metaphor about lucifer's violent descent from heaven