I am a massive Harry Potter fan and I absolutly love reading these articles, therefore I wanted to write one myself. :)

My Hogwarts House

I am a proud Ravenclaw

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intelligent, wise, sharp, witty, individual

My Ilvermorny house

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My Patronus

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Fire-dwelling salamander

My favourite subject

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My favourite professor

Professor McGonagall is the coolest badass ever - I love her

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My favourite male and female characters

harry potter emma watson couple emma watson
Ron and Hermione

I'm team Romione - I absolutly adore them!

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My Quidditch Position

I'd love to be a beater! Sounds like way more fun than seeking a tiny flying ball...

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Character I hate for no good reason

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Cho Chang

As a pet I would bring

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a cat

My favourite movie

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Chamber of secrets

My favourite book

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The half blood prince

Part that made my cry

When Harry finds his parents grave in Godric'S Hollow and has an actual place to grieve for the first time.

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Part that made my laugh

Ron - always....

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Who I woud bring back from the dead

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Cheers to being the potter generation!

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