I swear to god when I think about writing an article the internet connection chooses to be a bitch -I´m in a freaking island so the signal here is reduced to 0-, sorry for all the people I haven´t message back, I swear I will when this technical problem is fixed :(

  • About my tattoos:

I already have 3 tattoos, the first one I got it when I was 15 and is a song title on my right scapula, the other one is a little moon -because of my real name ´Luna´- on my hipbone, and the last one I got recently is a butterfly on my left ribcage that represents my beloved dad who passed away last year.

red, girl, and heart image lune, moon, and tattoo image tattoo and art image
  • The tattoos I wanna get:

I listed them in time order -which ones I´ll get sooner first, I hope it makes sense-


tattoo and flowers image
A rose cover up in my scapula (i don´t want the song erased completely I want it blended with the roses so it means that things you love can hurt you)


tattoo, honey, and ink image
The iconic ´honey´tattoo on my bum, I think it looks really cute and sexy.


tattoo, harry potter, and deathly hallows image
A lil´Harry Potter inspired tattoo behind my left ear.


feminism, feminist, and Venus image
A tarot card (Probably The High Priestess or The Empress) I haven't decided if I want it on my ribcage or in my arm. Tarot and any source of divination are really meaningful to me since my family follows a Wiccan path.


tattoo, waves, and ocean image
A wave on my hip bc I love the ocean and I´m 99.9% sure I was a mermaid in another life.

That´s all I can think now, I´ll probably get a lot more as I grow up. The pain and the beauty of the ink are just addicting for me. I wish someday when I get old and wrinkly to tell the story of all of them to my grandchildren.