So I'm really bored right now and I decided to create a new tag on We heart it. I've seen tags like #ThisisMe and others go trending.
But I decided to make a more personal tag so your followers know each other. I decided to call it #GetToKnowMeTag

All you have to do is answer this questions, you can answer all of them or remove some and even add as long as it is about getting to know you.

° What’s your favorite way to pass time at home?
Sleeping and Watching Movies

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° How do you usually spend a lazy evening?
Binge Watching a good TV Show

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° What do you usually have for breakfast?
Eggs and Tost with hot Tea

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° What was your first kiss like?
Quick and Awkward

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° Have you ever travelled alone?
I HAVE! I'm a big girl. Honestly best thing to do by your own

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° Coffee or tea?
Too hard both

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° Is your room rather messy or organized?
I wish it was more organized than it is

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° How much time do you usually spend on a computer/phone?
Too Long

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° Say one thing you like and dislike about school
I like my friends, I dislike everything else

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° How many languages can you speak?
DOS :)

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° What’s one language you would like to learn?

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° Do think good grammar/spelling is important?
In English I do

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° What’s your favorite music genre?
Indie Punk Rock

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° What’s your favorite meal of the day?

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° When + wich band was your first concert?
Maroon 5 and it hasn't happen yet, it will on March 3rd

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° Do you like having flowers in your house/garden?
Omg Yes. Flowers give everything life and color.

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° Do you prefer texting or phone calls?

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° Are you allergic to anything?
Apart from Humans?

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° Describe one nice memory with your best friend
When we went to see the One Direction movie

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° Have you ever been to Paris?
Never and I would like to but it wouldn't be my first to go place

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° Have you ever been to Amsterdam?
No I haven't either and I really want to

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° Have you ever been to NYC?
Yes, it's my favorite place in the world

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° Are you a gamer?
No I'm a player 😉

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° What are you wearing today?

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° Do you prefer jeans, jeggings or leggings?
Jeans forever

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° Do you spend a lot of time studying?
Not really sadly

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° Are you punctual?
Always, being punctual is a queen's characteristic

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° What’s your favorite color?
Blue, all types

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° What’s your favorite type of youtube videos to watch?
Zoella's Personal blogs

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° Do you prefer dark, milk or white chocolate?
Milk Chocolate

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° Do you prefer shopping for clothes online or in stores?
In stores, there's nothing like that feeling

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° When was the last time you kissed someone?
Too Long ago

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° What do you think when you look in the mirror?

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° Do you enjoy singing? What kind of songs?
I sing without shame and anything

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° Do you drink enough water?
Water is love, water is life

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° What is your favorite type of shoes to wear?

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° Do you have/want any tattoos or piercings?
No :( I'll get them though

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° How do you feel about pastel colors?
I like them, they are pretty

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° What is the last book you read?
History is all you left me by Adam Silvera

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° Say the first quote that comes to your head

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° Are currently texting someone?
I'm texting a friend

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° Do you have any posters in your room?

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° How did you discover your current favorite band?
A friend introduce them to me

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° Do you enjoy romantic movies?
A lot, I'm hopeless Romantic

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° Would you rather watch the sunrise or go for a beach walk?
Watch the Sunrise

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° What’s your favorite Christmas movie?
Love Actually

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° Are you religious?

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° What’s the last theme park you’ve been to?
Six Flags

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° Do you care about fashion/being fashionable?
I care about being fashionable

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° Do you like scented candles?
I love them. My house is gonna be full of those

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° Would you rather visit Iceland or Greece?
Greece, I die to go

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° Is there a fireplace in your house?
There is

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° Do you spend more time in your living room or bedroom?
Bedroom, my fort

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° At what time do you usually have lunch?
2:00 p.m.

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° Do you know anyone’s phone number by heart?
My mum's :)

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° Do you have a favorite mug?
Yes, mugs are forever

Image removed

° How did you meet your best friend?
Like all best friends do, hating each other when they were 9

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° Do you sing/dance in the shower?
I perform

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° Have you ever considered yourself ‘emo’, ‘scene’, ‘hipster’ etc.?
I considere myself the three of them in my own way

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° When was your first kiss?
I'm embarrased to say

Image by Dreamersclub111

° What do you look forward to this month?
Maroon 5 concert!

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° Do you remember your first day of school?
I don't. I just remember liking it

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° Do you think feminism is important?
Super Important. Femist forever

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° Say three things that make you happy
Books, the moon and movies

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° What are you listening to right now?
Les Miserables playslist

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° Do you like to go Christmas shopping?
I adore christmas shopping

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° Have you ever been camping?
I have, super fun

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° If your birthday could be any day, would you change it?
Not ever. Love my birthdate

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° What do you think is the right age to be in a first relationship?
16 years old

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° What do you think is the right age to have sex?
21 because you can and I don't know

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° How is your relationship with your siblings?
Very good thank god

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° Do you have any pets?
A beautiful dog

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° Are you in love? (if yes, describe the person)
I am. And he is two things: A dimond and a son of a bitch

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° Do you listen to music a lot?
Like every single day, every single time I can

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° What do you think about before you fall asleep?
Him :/

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° Do you think makeup makes people prettier?
Not prettier, elegant

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° When was the last time you were in a church?
Mmmmm 3 months ago

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° Do you think it’s more comfortable to wear your hair up or down?
Hair up but hair down is beautiful

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° Do you pick shampoos based on their scent?
I used to but now it's more about what they do

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° Say one thing you like about winter
The Coziness (is that even a word?)

Image removed

° Say one thing you like about fall
The scent

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° Say one thing you like about summer
The beach

beach, sea, and summer image

° Say one thing your like about spring
The flowers

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° What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?
New York City

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° Are you planning to travel a lot when you’re older?
A lot is an understatement

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° What seems like the most fun age to you?
21 years old

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° Do you prefer the sun or the moon?
The moon

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° How do you celebrate Easter (if you do)?
Brunch and awesome chocolate eggs

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° Do you know anyone who doesn’t like chocolate?
Yes, monsters

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° Can you relate to most songs you listen to?
Yes I do

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° Say one fun thing you did this week
It was my birthday

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° Where do you see yourself in five years?
Happy and Sucessful

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° Would you change your name if you could?
No I wouldn't

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° Who’s your favourite Disney princess?

emma watson, beauty and the beast, and belle image

° Do you have a clean desk?
I do, clean space of work

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° Do you like babysitting?
Yes, I like babies but not children

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° Do you often offer your friends food/a drink?
Not more than they offer me

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° What is a right age to drink alcohol for the first time?
16 years old

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° What do you like about your favorite band/artist
That they are good at what they do

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° Tell me one random fact that comes to your head
A group of hedgehogs is called a prickle.

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