You are Kind in so many ways that you can teach people to read and care for others.

Also I Learned to help people.I love to help others.

I can be nice to others and sweet to others to.

Keep Calm and be your slef.

I know that I can be Trusted.
Also I can tell the Truth.

I love to Tell the Truth and God is the Truth.
God say if you tell the truth the Truth will set you free.
I Can be loving to others too.

I love God and he knows he loves me too.
We can Trust God cause he is our Savior of the world too.
If you believe in God you will go to Heaven too.

I love to learn more about Bible Studies and Follow God.
I love the song Amazing Grace.
He Died for our sin that we Should be on the Cross too.
Also God is our Fathers and we Shall not What too.I love our Lord
and he Good to us.

I love the World in Peace n Harmony too.
I love the World. Also I What us to be good to the Earth because God made it too.

You need to look out for the World and Role Models.
I be the best Role model to my Sister.
I know that it is better to be the better person to sant up for what's right too.

Keep Calm and do good stuff in you life.